RIP Cranky Product Manager. Hello ….

crankypm-tombstoneAlright, I’m just going to call it.  This blog’s time of death is April 24, 2015.

But if you’ve been on this site before, you know that it’s been limping along on life support for years now.

So, RIP to the Cranky Product Manager.

I just cannot muster the crankiness anymore to do this blog justice. I lead far too good a life and am way too happy to artificially concoct professional outrage and then channel it into snarky blog posts written in the third person.

So, I’m shutting this thing down. I’ve gone through about 75% of the posts, and if they were any good and worth keeping (and if I still believe in the advice within), I’ve moved the articles to my NEW non-anonymous blog:  (I’ll get to the other 25% soon).

Yep, you read that right. My real name is Sue Raisty.

Since this moribund blog still has several thousand email and RSS subscribers, I put together a little FAQ below.

Thanks everyone, it’s been WICKED AWESOME, and I hope to see you over at my new home, and let me know what you think of it.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sue Raisty, aka The Cranky Product Manager


Q: Why did I decide to finally “come out” as the author of Cranky Product Manager?

  • It really wasn’t much of a secret.  Hundreds of people knew my real identity, due to my sloppiness over the years.  (I’d be a terrible secret agent.)
  • I haven’t been an “employee” in a while, so I am not worried about being fired. (I’ve been an independent product management consultant for the last few years.)
  • I’m also not worried my clients will drop me because I’ve only posted about issues and situations that are extremely common across hundreds of companies in our industries.  I’ve worked with over 20 companies and never posted about anything I didn’t see at least 4 different places.
  • I’m now old enough, wise enough, brave enough, and financially secure enough to at last “own my words and my “unique” (aka “acerbic”) sense of humor. And if you don’t like it, please don’t hire me.
  • I’ve become more inured to online harassment. It used to really freak me out to receive threatening or sexual comments on my blog posts, but I’ve since gotten used to it. I’m not as scared of it seeping into my real life.
  • On re-reading my articles from years past, many of them are better than I remembered. I’m actually pretty proud of many of them and would like to be known as the person who wrote them (once I remove the swears).
  • The real “DysfunctoSoft” is gone. My former employer, and the inspiration for many of my early posts, has at last been acquired and no longer exists, and most of my former colleagues moved on long ago.

Q: What am I like in “Real Life”?

Learn more about me here.

I’ll also add that, while I am originally from Boston and am therefore sarcastic and skeptical by definition,  I have never, ever been as cranky as my Cranky Product Manager alter-ego.

I channeled crankiness so my blog would stand out from the crowd.  Guess what? It worked.

Q: Why did I start a new blog?

It started when I interviewed for a VP Product position, and feedback from the headhunter was the team liked me, but were unimpressed by my scant social media presence. They were concerned that I didn’t know much about “modern” marketing and that I was not a “thought leader”.

As you can imagine, this was very frustrating for me, since this blog has thousands of email subscribers (and is still growing) plus tens of thousands of unique visitors per day, even in its current moribund state. I actually do know a thing or two about building a thought leadership brand on the web, but no one knew it.

Further, I feel like I’m starting out a new phase in my professional life, and to do so I needed to put the old blogs behind me and start fresh.  My very best content has found its home on the new blog, and I’ve torpedoed my old posts that I no longer agree with.

It feels wicked awesome.

Q: What are the goals of the new blog?

For my readers:

  • Provide some new, unique, and genuinely useful perspectives about what works and doesn’t in Product Management.  At least that’s what I hope for. If I ever sound generic and content-free, please shoot me.
  • To help people learn what I am really like and care about, both as a professional and as a person.

For me:

  • To show off.  I want people to know I’ve spent a lot of time thinking deep thoughts about Product Management.  Maybe doing so will lead to cool jobs and projects.
  • To eliminate the overhead of running three separate blogs, and instead just have one.
  • To break through writer’s block.

Q: How is the new blog  different from the blog?

  • The new blog is written in the first person, with a slightly kinder tone that better reflects my real personality. I’m a mom. I don’t swear that much anymore, and I am  much more tolerant of immature and irrational behavior now.  And, unlike the Cranky PM, I have a lot of compassion for product managers (and other professionals) who make mistakes, because I’ve made (and continue to make) plenty of mistakes myself.  But fear not, I am still sarcastic and blunt.
  • The new UI is great for READING and WRITING, and doesn’t suck my time.  I’m now using the hosted Ghost platform  instead of self-hosted WordPress because it is distraction-free and helps me bust through writer’s block.  Plus I’m no longer fending off hacker attacks on a daily basis, messing with plugins, swatting comment spam, etc. WordPress used to be a joy, but it is now a bloated pain-in-the-ass that is under constant attack. Ghost is a joy.  (for now anyway)
  • No more comments.  For the last 2 years, 90% of the “discussion” on this blog has been on Twitter anyway, so let’s just make it official.  Twitter is where I’ll hang out and respond to comments/feedback.  (Plus I won’t have to deal with comment spam!)
  • Some articles about personal topics. but you don’t have to even see them.  About 25% of my content is about adoptive parenting or other personal topics. I realize you are probably not interested in them, but having more than one blog to maintain kills my motivation and I end up writing nothing.  So, I set up ways for you to skip the personal topics:

Q: How is the new blog similar to 

  • I still have a finely tuned spidey-sense for the absurdities, ironies and dysfunctions that are endemic in Software and Product Management.  So OF COURSE I will continue to write about them.
  • OF COURSE I will continue to draw awful cartoons with no artistic merit.
  • I HATE boring, condescending business blogs (90% of them out there).  I promise I will never write like that.  If I ever do, please call me out on Twitter or email to slap some sense into me.

Where to find “Classic” Cranky Product Manager Posts

The following “classic” Cranky Product Manager articles can now be found on

I have migrated about 75% of the worthy articles thus far.  The rest will be posted soon, promise.

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