Caption Contest! (7 Types of Engineers)

Remember that “6 Types of Software Engineers” post from way back, authored by “Another PM”? Well, a most excellent reader named HW drew some WICKED AWESOME cartoons of each.  PLUS, another wicked awesome reader, Eric, added a 7th type of Engineer – The Clockwork Mouse.

So, now we’re going to have some fun — help the Cranky Product Manager come up CAPTIONS for each of the cartoons.

How to Vote

To facilitate voting, the Cranky Product Manager has created a new post for each Software Engineer Sub-Type with the new cartoon.  Please submit funny captions in the appropriate post’s comments.

The Deadline

Submit your captions by midnight (PST) on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7.

The Prize

The Cranky Product Manager will send one lucky reader/caption-submitter a mug featuring the winning caption and its companion cartoon.  If you leave a real email address, that is.  (remember, your email is not published to the blog. Only the Cranky PM can see it.)

Why is the Cranky Product Manager doing this?

Reason 1: Because the Cranky Product Manager wants a funny coffee mug to haul around the office and leave around the war room.  When an engineer says something “typical” she shall hold up the mug and point to the appropriate Engineer caricature.  It will go over REAL NICE, she’s sure, and do wonders for Product Management and Developer relations.  But frankly, she doesn’t give a s&*#.  She wants her mug, damnit!

Reason 2: Duh…. To drive blog traffic.  Because nothing feeds the Cranky Product Manager’s ego like a bunch of page loads.

Reason 3: What a great way to get out of writing an original post this week!  Have the readers do the work!


  1. Tsahi Levent-Levi

    You’re cheating!

    Having 8 posts at the same day on the same subject by splitting them up boosts your productivity greatly, but now I need to jump around like a clockwork mouse thinking about captions :-)

  2. Larry

    If you are going to get a mug made, make a few extras. If I don’t win I would still consider dropping a 5-er for one. I have a similar twisted sense of humor.

    PS. Great stereotyping but would hate to see what the engineers think in return towards Prod Mgrs

  3. Karen

    Hey Cranky,

    If you don’t put the mugs up for sale then your cover might be Blown! I mean only you and the caption contest winner would have the mugs. I guess you could tell people you are the contest winner…But, if *I* saw the mug with *somebody* in my office I would think you worked with me and that you are *somebody*.

    I wouldn’t tell, though. Our secret.

  4. LisaG

    Brilliant – the contest is clearly over, but I would LOVE to buy said winning mug. In fact, consider selling a full line. I’d buy the appropriate mug for my whole team.

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