Please Welcome the Cranky Sales Engineer

Remember the Cranky Sales Engineer? He did such a WICKED AWESOME job of bringing the CRANK (plus a dose of BITCH, MOAN, and don’t forget WHINE) to this blog, that going forward he’s gonna be a semi-regular feature on this
here blog. Yippee!

This is WICKED AWESOME because the Cranky Product Manager is finding it hard to keep up with this blog and could use some help. In fact, she would not mind recruiting a Cranky Engineer, Cranky Marketer, and Cranky CEO to
occasionally post as well.

Any takers? Write the CPM an email. (there will be a try out)


  1. The Cranky Product Manager

    Yuhri, if write it, the CPM is sure she’ll find a way to post it, provided it is suitably cranky. Cranky Project Manager, Cranky QA Engineer, Cranky Janitor dude, whatev. As long as it’s 1) cranky, 2) aimed at a target audience of Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers.

    Listen up, everyone! Yuhri is an AWESOME writer. The CPM wishes she had 10% of her skills. Check her blog out, and pray that she decides to write a cranky guest post for this humble blog. Because this place needs some good writing for a change.

  2. Yuhri

    Aaaaaah! I am a total CrankyPM fangirl, too. You make me totally blush! And whatever, on the good writing. CrankyPM writing is A+++. I have to check my section of the office for eavesdroppers before I read it because 5 times out of 10 I end up laughing like an incontinent hyena on nitrous oxide and the other half I end up yelling, “Preachin’ to the choir, Jay-sus!”

    You know what does suck? Endorphins. I seriously lack crank lately. Goddamn work-life balance….

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