Video – You Chose Product Marketing, Deal With It!

One of the Crankerati (that’s what the CPM is now calling all you readers) sent this in, so the Cranky Product Manager might share it with you.  FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS STUFF. And still oh so true.



Back in the 1990s, some creative marketing people at Sun made this video. Though Sun is the setting, it is widely applicable to high tech companies in the valley. Intended to be funny, it has aged pretty well.

“You Chose Product Marketing – Deal With It!” is now available on YouTube.

Quality is not 1080p (source was an old VCR tape), and had to be split into two parts since YouTube will only allow 10 minute videos, and it was about 11 minutes long.

Part One:

Part Two:


  1. Paco

    Ever laugh at something and then feel really sad a few minutes later?

    Purely hypothetical question, never happened to me…

  2. Crankerati

    I laughed, then cried.

    I’m out of my Product Manager job in 2 weeks, and despite a brilliant resume and an uncanny ability to get shit done, haven’t found anything else. This… well….. this made me feel better about that fact. Thanks Cranky.

  3. Todd Bernhard

    Hey, I’m one of the “stars” of this video!

    I’m the guy in the light colored suit, the newbie PM who says “Me, I’m a Product Manager”!

    This grew out of a meeting where someone complained about something to Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun (this was around 1992) and Scott said “You chose Product Marketing… Deal with it!”

    We all looked around, and said let’s make a movie! This was way before YouTube and there was no plan to do much with it. Funny to see it so many years later! Many of those folks playing executives were actual execs, like the guy who determined pricing! And several are still there, like Anil Gadre, the guy with the roulette wheel! They were all good sports.

    Now, I’m making videos for my own iPhone app… check out!

  4. Maggie

    Funny in a “sad, realistic, meakes me want to eat chocolate and hide under a blanket” kind of way. I’m dealing with it.

  5. Jackie

    Note to self: Never. Show. To. Applicants.
    Oh wait, right, not hiring right now. Sigh.
    Being asked to present to rest of team on “Just what is it product management does anyway?” and thinking of showing them this. Love the way it insults EVERYbody. Could be a CLM (Career Limiting Move).

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