The Brain of a Sales Droid – A Visual Guide

Behold, a visual guide to the inside of a Sales Droid’s brain, or more specifically, an Enterprise Software Sales Droid’s brain, as viewed from Product Management.

Yes, the lack of artistic merit in this drawing is profoundly pitiful.  Thank goodness the Cranky Product Manager has a day job.



  1. Andrew Steven

    I notice the picture is two-dimensional – was that deliberate? :-)

    Also, the panic lobe shows that this sales-droid doesn’t have a sargeant-major-like sales manager-droid goading him sufficiently.

    Over time the panic lobe becomes extremely elastic depending upon target, sales management decibels and replacement date for his wife’s white mercedes.

    • The Cranky Product Manager

      Awesome! You are correct, sir. That Panic Cortex is way too small, and missing managerial harassment. And the “People” Skills Lobe is way too large!

      If the Cranky Product Manager had time, which she DOESN’T, she would redraw it to incorporate your thoughts.

  2. Ravi

    This is sooo true – especially for an Enterprise Software sales droid. I think you should put up a brain of a PM..

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  4. Jay

    This is soooo good. I have worked in both product management and professional services and it has been true in both settings. I tried a job in sales, but I guess I was missing a few of the crucial lobes :-)

  5. Patrick Cardon

    Hilarious … our “carpet sellers” as we call them use the exact same phrases (95% match!) as those in your drawing (except in french). Thanks for a good laugh, it helps live with the droids!

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