No Excuses Product Management (Part 4) – Do Yer Damn Product Strategy Already

LAME-ASS PRODUCT MANAGEMENT EXCUSE #3: “I’m too busy to work on product strategy.”

The one REALLY gets the Cranky PM’s scowl going, enough that she’s considering Botox simply to appear more slightly more pleasant and plastic and less sarcastic and cranky.  Too bad there are no injections to prevent eye rolling.

Grrr. Too busy to NOT work on product strategy, is more like it.

Sure, as a product manager you’re fighting fires and constantly bombarded with emails and phone calls and meetings and X and Y and … That’s life in the big city.

Whatev, we all deal with it. Rumor is that Product Management is a leading cause of Adult ADD.

The simple fact, though, is that if the Product Manager doesn’t do the product strategy, well, WHO THE HELL DOES?  Perhaps you are expecting a visit from the Product Strategy Fairy – expecting her to leave some market trend analysis under your pillow?

Ok, ok, if you’re at a release 1.0 startup, the Cranky Product Manager will give you a pass on this one, because often the founder knows the problem space.

Seriously, the job of Product Management is to make sure the team is scaling the right freakin’ mountain. You might be a demo genius, ..




  1. Geoffrey Anderson

    I wish it were that simple. But I work in a large corporation, and as such, what I can actually do strategy wise is limited by the chains of command, the bozo’s who are low level execs who mess everything up, and the senior leadership who seems to have a fetish for short term results (possibly related to their monumental restricted stock grants).

    I do plenty of strategy planning. And like a press release, I get to watch it be diluted, altered, and fucked with at every level in the org, so that at the end, a great bold strategy, with strong goals to attack new markets, orthogonal product development, and to greatly increase the SAM becomes more of the same as we are doing now.

    So I lose my fire and passion, and I expect to have my grand plans watered down as much as a well drink at a Tricia Yearwood concert.

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