An Updated “Brain of a Sales Droid” Diagram

An Esteemed Member of the Crankerati  did something awesome.

He re-drew the Cranky Product Manager’s pitiful, hand-drawn “Brain of a Sales Droid” diagram (see old version here), so he could print it on a T-shirt and wear it to Sales Kick-off (brave man!).

And voila!  The redrawn pic is actually LEGIBLE. That means you can now READ the text, which was pretty impossible before. WICKED AWESOME.  (Plus it has a minor update, to highlight Droids’ near-universal and newfound obsession with Tesla sedans).

So, here it is. Once again. The Enterprise Software Sales Droid’s Brain, as viewed from Product Management:



  1. Guy

    Bug report #001:
    Product: Inside the Sales Droid’s Brain
    Affected Version: 2
    Bug classification: spelling mistake
    Severity: Mildly embarrassing
    Affected module: People Skills
    Description: The diagram says “Hygeine”, which should be spelled “Hygiene”

    Otherwise brilliant!

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