Decoding CrankySpeak

Have difficulty understanding what the FRAK the Cranky Product Manager is talking about? Well, here’s a handy dandy glossary to help you understand CrankySpeak.

  • Code Boy / Code Boyz – Those male species of those creatures known as software engineers, programmers, developers, etc.
  • Code Grrl / Code Grrlz – The female persuasion of the above.
  • ChaoticSoft – The Cranky Product Manager’s former employer, before she started working at DysfunctoSoft.
  • DysfunctoSoft – The highly dysfunctional company where the Cranky Product Manager works as a product manager.
  • DysfunctoCrank – The product lovingly managed by the Cranky Product Manager.
  • Forrest Ranger – A pseudonym for the technology analyst firm that is spelled f-o-r-r-e-s-t-e-r
  • Frak – The Cranky Product Manager says this when she’s pissed off. She got it from BattleStar Galactica. She only says Frak in the blog world. In the real world, she just goes ahead and says the eff word.
  • Gardener – A pseudonym for the technology analyst firm that is spelled g-a-r-t-n-e-r.
  • Hugs & Kisses – The Cranky Product Manager’s traditional closing.
  • Marketing Geniuses – imagine it said sarcastically.
  • Marketing Weenie – all the members of marketing who think they are so “big picture” that they can’t bother to find out what the company’s products can and cannot actually do.
  • McBainCG – The famous fictional management consulting firm once responsible for entrapping the pre-Cranky Product Manager in delayed aircrafts, crappy airports and lackluster hotel rooms for a few years.
  • Professional Services Slaves – those poor souls who permanently live out of suitcases and are stuck trying to make half-baked software actually work.
  • Sales Droid – the coin-operated sales team, who can usually think of nothing beyond the next deal. Memories of any past deals are instantly forgotten.
  • Wicked Awesome – Does this really require an explanation? OK, see here.
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  • Rick Chapman

    I read your comments and have responded on the forum at (I did try to leave a response on the heretech site but apparently the thread as been shut down or he’s locked me out or whatever.)